Q: My father refuses help and says he doesn’t want strangers in his home. Will you be able to convince him to accept assistance?

A: Many older people initially resist help, despite the best intentions of their caring adult children. Professional geriatric care managers have the sensitivity and skills to help older adults break through this resistance.

Q: We are concerned about costs – how can I justify the expense?

A: A care manager can actually save you money in the long run in several ways. With needs accurately assessed and appropriate level of care in place, costly mistakes can be avoided. A professional geriatric care manager can identify potential problems, such as safety hazards, problematic caregivers or unidentified health issues. We can save you missed time from work or emergency trips home, steer you away from inappropriate or sub-standard service providers, and negotiate the best rates from providers who know we monitor their quality of service.

Total care management costs are typically higher initially, but following the assessment and care plan, most people only need regular monitoring or periodic services. But beyond saving you money, we can save you worry and anxiety.

Q: What is the difference between case management and care management?

A: Case management has traditionally been associated with the medical model of health care and has a focus on acute care services, insurance reimbursement and cost containment. North Bay Eldercare Options takes a more client-centered, holistic approach. As professional elder care consultants we represent your interests exclusively.

Q: Some home care agencies say that they provide free case management – why would I pay for care management when I can get it for free?

A: Home care assessments are bound by law to stay within specific guidelines pertaining to their services. A professional geriatric care manager’s comprehensive assessment encompasses the total picture: medical, psychosocial, nutritional, emotional, spiritual, financial, legal and environmental. They are in a unique position to assess, coordinate and assist the client and family with all aspects of care.

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