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We begin with a complimentary phone consultation to get a sense of how our services can help you. If our service does not seem an appropriate fit, we will help guide you to a resource that can assist you.

If you decide to work with us, we will obtain pertinent background information from you and/or other family members, listening carefully to all of your current concerns. We can give you ideas on how to present our services to the older adult, who may be resistant. As gerontologists and geriatric professionals, we are sensitive to and experienced in dealing with any apprehension the older adult may have and are usually able to convince him or her to accept assistance.

We then arrange for comprehensive assessment in the older adult’s home. This gives us a full picture of their environmental, health, social, cognitive and functional status. Our holistic approach will ensure that any potential problems can be uncovered and addressed. In medically complex situations, a Geriatric RN will be involved. Unique to North Bay Eldercare Options is a focus on the older adult’s personal strengths and unique abilities. See Our Unique Approach >

Following our assessment, we develop a realistic, detailed and professionally-written care plan. This plan of support is highly personalized and designed around the client’s particular needs and goals. Our support plans are created to maximize independence and quality of life, balancing with safety and family concerns. Our recommendations are prioritized and realistic, and are based on clients’ values and circumstances. We can present a range of options, including ongoing care management support.

Ongoing support and monitoring are important parts of care management. We can coordinate and monitor services, adjusting them proactively as needs change. We report to you as often as and in whichever manner you prefer – phone or conference calls, email, fax and/or written reports. Our goal is the highest quality of life for the older adult, with the greatest peace of mind for all concerned.

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